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Aged Care Quality Standards Compliance 

Two solutions to meet any need.

Whether you need a complete solution that includes policies, training, regulatory data capture, management and reporting or a solution for regulatory data capture, management and reporting alone, CompliCare can help.

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We can help any residential aged care provider - regardless of size – meet the Aged Care Quality Standards (the Standards).

Which Solution might be right for you? 

CompliCare CompliCare Assurance
For providers who need policies and training, as well as a way to capture, interpret and manage data and reporting.  For providers who have policies but need a solution to capture, interpret and manage data and reporting.
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Everything you need to meet the Standards, demonstrate continuous compliance and improvement, and create a compliance culture your workforce will embrace.



This system provides you with regulatory management and reporting, captures your evidence and action examples against the Standards and demonstrates compliance.  




1. CompliCare - Complete Solution

CompliCare is a one-stop solution for simplifying your risk, compliance and policy management so you can focus on caring for consumers.

It delivers specialist aged care content through easy-to-use, state-of-the-art online tools.

You will be able to demonstrate that you have met your obligations and that you have firmly embedded compliance as an integral part of your organisational culture.

> Policies and Procedures that are kept up-to-date with changes in the law and best-practice guidelines

> Learning mapped to policies and procedures, to ensure staff understanding of requirements 

> Assurance so staff do what's required and data is sustainably captured and managed (see CompliCare Assurance section below for more information)

> Reporting so organisations can show compliance and continuous improvement in an instant

CompliCare Modules for ACQS compliance

CompliCare uses the proven and award-winning P-LAR methodology for managing regulatory obligations and creating a compliance culture. 




2. CompliCare Assurance - Regulatory Management and Reporting 

Online workflow tool - with aged-care specific content - to ensure you are doing what's required

> Centralise key data and manage the interrelationship between different types of data
> Give Management and the Board transparency on data 
> Identify trends and make better decisions
> Allow anyone to quickly and accurately respond to questions from assessors  
> Manage data and reporting across multiple facilities easily

CC Assurance Modules


> ACQS Self-Assessment Digital Tool - for dynamic, accurate and instant access   
> Continuous Improvement  - to automate your CI process and evidence to assessors
> Feedback and Complaints - to capture and action via online forms
> Incident management - to record and prevent incidents with customisable forms and registere, with built-in links to CI and Open Disclosure 
> And much more

Who is behind the CompliCare Solutions?

Complispace Logo-2 Critical Succss Solutions logo

CompliSpace helps under-resourced organisations in highly-regulated industries get their governance, risk, compliance and policy management right, so that they can focus on their core business with confidence.

Our specialty is helping organisations manage new Standards and the outcomes from Royal Commissions.

We work with over 600 non-government schools across Australia.

We see similarities between the Education and Aged Care sectors because each is made up of organisations that are committed to serving some of our country’s most vulnerable people. And each sector is under highly complex and constantly changing regulatory pressure, yet tend to have staff who aren’t lawyers or compliance experts.

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Critical Success Solutions have been providing consulting, policy and training services to Aged Care and Disability Services since 2002.

After witnessing a number of businesses experiencing difficulty in meeting increasing industry, client, regulatory and legal requirements, Critical Success Solutions was established to provide individually tailored practical solutions to specific requirements that are met to the satisfaction of each customer.

We understand that no two businesses are exactly the same and therefore each would need a considered and thoughtful approach and solution.

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